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  • Wellness Is a self-responsibility balance and personal development in all dimensions of your life
    your profile create a health profile and compile your own health services summary on this page. Such a summary can assist you with dietary advice, advice about your own wellness, as well as advice about improving your fitness. You can revise and adapt your profile at any time. This page is security protected.
    Follow these steps If you do not yet have a profile on Solidarity World click here. Create your health profile on your Solidarity World profile today, click here If you have already created a health profile on your Solidarity World profile, c lick here to sign in
    Your wellness calendar Keep a record of your wellness. The wellness calendar assists you in planning ahead to prevent you from becoming sick. click here and complete your profile. Pregnancy Everything a mother should
    Read articles about your pregnancy Calculate the ideal weight for a
    pregnant woman
    Solidarity Athletics Club Would you like a hobby? Would you like to be more active and enjoy the outdoors? Then the Solidarity Athletics Club is ideal for you! This athletics club consists of a close-knit group of 220 enthusiastic runners who train together and participate in races. In addition, the club is classified as one of the top 15 clubs in North Gauteng and it outperforms many other clubs as far as its membership numbers are concerned. At a once-off joining fee of R150, it is definitely worthwhile to enjoy the support of the club and its members.. KLIK HIER EN SLUIT SOMMER VANDAG NOG AAN!
    Solidarity Athletics Club
    How healthy are you?Understand the principle of wellness Complete this seven point questionnaire to see how healthy you are For an in-depth review on your wellness click here for more information
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    The results of this assessment will appear on your wellness profile
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    Calculate your BMI (ideal weight) Calculate the ideal weight for a pregnant woman Calculate energy requirements (e.g. for an athlete)
    Professional advice To talk to TENDA, Solidarity's preferred medical consultants, click here.
    Your A-Z of wellness
    We realise that some medical terms and conditions are complex and that one does not always understand everything the doctor tells you. For explanations of medical terms, diseases, conditions and medication, click here. We speak your language.
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    supplementary medical aid products Are you of the opinion that your medical aid is inadequate? click here for more informationon why it is necessary to add supplementary products to your medical aid package.
    Click hier for videos about your wellbeing...
    Ask Medihelp a question regarding medical cover, click here
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    medical news
    Articles about the medical industry in the news
    Your health
    Articles on your health
    Legislation regarding medical aids, etc. .
    Tips for your health Healthy eating habits should not be temporary; it should become a way of life. Click here for tips to improve your health. here you can ask
    representative, frik, any question

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