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How to handle untimely and unwanted marketing calls
By Tania du Toit A spate of tips, applications and programmes are available on the internet and commercially to block or eliminate unwanted phone calls. Unfortunately, none of these methods offer a permanent or watertight solution, but here are some of the tips and applications available worldwide (see links below). Some are quite entertaining. This  ... Read more
Garden therapy for body and soul
By Melodie Veldhuizen “Dust you are and to dust you will return, but there are wonderful natural joys along the way. Do get some soil under your finger nails”. (Ted O’Neil) Most keen gardeners will agree that their gardens are their “happy place”. They confirm that working in the garden relieves tension and lifts the  ... Read more
Declutter and live minimally
By Melodie Veldhuizen Are you always looking for something that you or one of the family members put away somewhere but nobody knows where? Then it is probably time to declutter and start living lightly. Clutter is stuff that are in the wrong place because they should be in some other place in your house  ... Read more
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