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Monday | 12 December | 2016 Fasting: Why it’s good and what it’s not

Trish Goosen     Eat your favourite taboo foods, loose weight and live longer. Perhaps this statement sounds like a marketing gimmick for a new diet product or like wishful thinking, but definitely to good to be true. Think again

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Monday | 12 December | 2016 How to take care of your teeth and mouth

It is essential to take care of teeth and engage in the practice of good oral hygiene daily. Good oral hygiene means teeth are clean and free of food debris, that gums are healthy and pink without pain or bleeding

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Monday | 12 December | 2016 Everything you need to know about fats

Ronéll van Rooyen   Perhaps, while you’re reading this article, you’re having a mug of coffee and a slice of bread with a thick layer of margarine on it. Eat it quickly before reading this article because you could feel

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Monday | 12 December | 2016 Holiday cookies: Recipes for everyone

Ronéll van Rooyen   A December holiday without homemade cookies is unthinkable. Here are some recipes for everyone, young and old, to fill the tins with tasty holiday fun!   JAM AND COCONUT TARTLETS   Pastry: 2 cups flour               

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Monday | 12 December | 2016 Good vs bad cholesterol: What you need to know

Nico Strydom   Cholesterol is a fatty substance that occurs naturally in the body. It plays a vital role in keeping your cells working properly. Too much cholesterol can, however, be bad for your health. Cholesterol is carried around the

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Monday | 12 December | 2016 Do you suffer from chronic daily headaches?

Nico Strydom       Most people get a headache from time to time, but if you have a headache most of the time, it is known as chronic daily headaches. According to research by the Headache Clinic, almost 9

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Monday | 12 December | 2016 Healthy desserts in a jiffy

Ronéll van Rooyen   All over the world a silent revolution is unfolding of people who are moving away from processed foods. People are beginning to take responsibility for their health and are serious about what they put in their

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Monday | 12 December | 2016 Dogs keep away burglars (and germs)

Karen van der Berg     A loving interaction exists between humans and their pets. It has been proven time and again that this interaction makes a positive contribution to one’s life and circumstances. Psychiatrists, doctors, social workers and even

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Monday | 12 December | 2016 Where salt is hiding (and why you need to find it)

Elizabeth Klodas, MD       Have you been told you need to cut back on sodium? This advice is frequently given by doctors, especially to those with high blood pressure – but it’s easier said than done. In reality,

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Monday | 12 December | 2016 Holiday eating plan: Everything you need to know

Anke van Rooyen   Everyone enjoys the holidays but oh, binging on all those lovely eats are bound to spoil your New Year. Here are some good eating plan ideas to make your holiday truly festive. Eat as much as

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