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Monday | 11 November | 2019 ADHD has great influence on school readiness

By Nico Strydom New research indicates that children who show signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are 21 times more inclined to not be completely ready for school, compared to children with no symptoms. According to the American Association

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Tuesday | 05 November | 2019 Do you drink enough … water?

By Wilma Bedford With the summer holidays at hand you run the risk of dehydrating, and this could have very serious consequences. The recommendation is eight glasses of water per day, but this is exactly what it is: a recommendation.

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Tuesday | 29 October | 2019 First aid in your spice rack

By Wilma Bedford The holidays are here, it’s the season for all sorts of sicknesses and it’s a long way to the pharmacy, especially when you’re camping. Not only can your spice bottles and a few other necessities give a

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Tuesday | 22 October | 2019 Support spouse with mental disorder

By Marli Naidoo Every marriage comes with its own set of challenges and you have to equip yourself to be the best possible life partner. Should you decide to embark on the life-long journey with a partner who is living

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Tuesday | 22 October | 2019 How to take effective care of your teeth

By Marli Naidoo How difficult can it be? You take your toothbrush and you brush your teeth. However, it is not that simple: most people don’t brush as well as could be possible. Start by getting the correct toothbrush for

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Tuesday | 15 October | 2019 Focus on metastatic breast cancer

By Nico Strydom October is breast cancer awareness month in South Africa and this year the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) focuses on metastatic breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women in South Africa and

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Tuesday | 15 October | 2019 All you have to know about allergies

By Nico Strydom One third of South Africans will suffer from an allergy at some stage of their lives. 40% of the allergy sufferers are children, according to the Allergy Foundation of South Africa. According to the Foundation allergies are

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Tuesday | 15 October | 2019 The dangers of drinking too much too fast

By Nico Strydom Drinking too much alcohol in one go, so-called “binge drinking”, can have serious consequences. The term binge drinking immediately paints a picture of students having a party, but according to research many adults also regularly drink enough

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Tuesday | 15 October | 2019 Giving up house means a lot of uncertainty

By Emsie Martin The international day for older persons is celebrated on 1 October, but at the same time seniors should also think about the unavoidable time of downscaling. A house in a retirement village is too expensive and you

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Tuesday | 08 October | 2019 Why do we get so angry? You can manage your anger

By Melodie Veldhuizen What is anger? It is a natural reaction to frustrating or clearly threatening situations. It can also be a secondary reaction to sadness, loneliness or fear. There is nothing wrong with anger as such, but it can

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