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Wednesday | 27 May | 2020 At what age is a person most creative? The data will astound you

By Dr Eugene Brink Society has been conditioned to think that the world is now ruled by brilliant and exuberant young minds. After all, Millennials are making up an ever-increasing share of the workforce and managerial corps and rule much

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Wednesday | 27 May | 2020 Eyecare: Everything about glaucoma

By Nico Strydom It is essential to have your eyes tested regularly in order to ensure than any eye diseases or problems are diagnosed timeously. Glaucoma is one of the biggest causes of irreversible blindness in people older than 60

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Wednesday | 27 May | 2020 How to create a strong password

By Dr Eugene Brink Nowadays, our lives are completely online and some of our most important work, information and interests are therefore online. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of risks out there that endanger your privacy and online information. This

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Sunday | 29 March | 2020 Connection between mental health and physical wellbeing

by Marli Naidoo Physical and mental health are regularly placed in two entirely different categories. However, the two should not be separated . Problems with physical health can have an impact on your mental health. In the same way mental

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Sunday | 29 March | 2020 Woozy all the time? Here’s why

By Dr Eugene Brink It is normal to sometimes feel dizzy or lightheaded, but when it becomes a chronic occurrence it is time to seek and remedy its cause. “Don’t ignore it. Even if the light-headedness does not have a

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Sunday | 29 March | 2020 The truth about lightning

By Marli Naidoo There are few things as beautiful as lightning dancing between clouds on a warm summer’s evening. Our grandparents treated lightning with the greatest respect and took all sorts of precautions to prevent themselves from getting struck. Nowadays,

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Sunday | 29 March | 2020 Infertility: When to get help

By Nico Strydom Up to as many as 20% of South African couples struggle with infertility and it affects women and men almost equally. According to Dr. Frances Paterson, a urogynecologist at the Urology hospital in Pretoria, couples who have

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Monday | 23 March | 2020 Bibliotherapy

by Marli Naidoo Bibliotherapy is not a well-known form of therapy, but has been in existence for centuries. The use of literature as a healing method dates back to ancient Greece, when Greek libraries were viewed as holy places with

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Tuesday | 17 March | 2020 Reasons why you still feel fatigued in the morning

By Dr Eugene Brink You’re going to bed at 22:00 and wake up at 0:600 and yet you still feel groggy and tired. Some coffee might remedy this and get you going, but some more sinister reasons may be behind

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Tuesday | 17 March | 2020 Why so many young people are unhappy

By Dr Eugene Brink We live in the most prosperous age in history and yet young people are unhappier than ever. “Though people have more money, better health care, better health, better housing and more education, and live longer than

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