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Monday | 16 May | 2022 Young people also get heart attacks

By Nico Strydom Heart diseases are one of the biggest causes of untimely deaths in South Africa and it is not just older people who get heart attacks. One out of every five heart-attack patients is younger than 40 years,

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Monday | 16 May | 2022 Health implications of obesity

By Nico Strydom Obesity is one of the biggest health challenges the world faces today. The latest World Obesity Atlas predicts that by 2030 1 billion people, i.e. one out of five women and one out of seven men, will

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Monday | 09 May | 2022 Protect and retain your brain power

By Wilma Bedford If you don’t maintain your car regularly it will gradually lose its roadworthiness, but you can replace it with a brand-new model. Think about it: you have only one brain and if you don’t maintain it, together

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Monday | 09 May | 2022 Post-traumatic growth

By Melodie Veldhuizen Everyone experiences trauma in different ways. It’s important to not suppress our suffering or to ignore it in a naïve endeavour to be optimistic. By underestimating or ignoring our trauma and its impact we deprive ourselves of

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Tuesday | 03 May | 2022 Seasonal affective disorder: Everything you need to know about it

By Essie Bester On cold winter’s days, with the sun shining feebly, one is sometimes overcome by an irrational melancholy. It is normal to feel a bit “down” during the cold months. After all, you spend more time indoors, the

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Friday | 29 April | 2022 You keep on forgetting things, could it be Alzheimer’s?

By Emsie Martin All of us get to a stage where you begin to forget things, and then I am not even talking about the elderly; sometimes it starts much earlier. When you leave your keys in the wrong place,

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Friday | 29 April | 2022 Depression isn’t choosy

By Emsie Martin Many people experience depression but prefer not to broadcast it. It affects people from all genders, cultures and professions. If you are one of those people, you are not alone. Help is available. Most people who suffer

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Monday | 25 April | 2022 The benefits of play for adults

By Wilma Bedford The word “play” conjures up the image of children running around, chasing a ball or engaging in some game or other and having a good time. But play is so much more than that and it’s not

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Monday | 25 April | 2022 Debt and your mental health

By Nico Strydom The combined effect of the pandemic, a weak economy, and rising inflation and interest rates is leading to more financial stress for many South Africans, with a concomitant toll on their mental wellbeing. According to DebtBusters’ debt

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Monday | 25 April | 2022 Forget the excuses, eat breakfast

By Emsie Martin It’s too early to have breakfast, I don’t have the time, are surely the most common reasons why people skip breakfast. No matter in what profession you find yourself, whether or not you want to know it,

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