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Tuesday | 20 August | 2019 Connection between mental health and exercise

By Marli Naidoo Depression and anxiety are becoming more prevalent in modern society. Various aspects contribute to this: increasing isolation, poor eating habits, and a focus on money and image, to mention only a few. Another contributing, and very important,

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Tuesday | 20 August | 2019 Overeating

By Marli Naidoo Most of us have gorged ourselves a few times. Some people make a daily habit of it. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain’s message that you’ve had enough to reach your stomach. When you keep

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Tuesday | 20 August | 2019 What does caffeine do to your body?

By Nico Strydom When hearing the word caffeine, most people immediately picture that soothing cuppa that helps you get through the day. Caffeine is consumed by millions of people daily, among others because they are of the opinion that it

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Tuesday | 20 August | 2019 Stop being other people’s doormat

By Marli Naidoo Humility is a virtue, but when a person totally denies his or her own opinions and preferences to please other people, it can lead to depression and unhappiness. This person probably was taught early in his life

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Tuesday | 13 August | 2019 Things that older people ought to do

By Emsie Martin Growing old … no, wait a bit, my mother-in-law used to say one gets older, not old. Getting older, however, is no excuse for doing nothing. There are a few things that older people should still be

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Tuesday | 13 August | 2019 Should my child’s tonsils be removed and when?

By Nico Strydom Tonsils serve a specific purpose in young children but can give problems when they become infected. What are tonsils and adenoids? Tonsils are nodes of lymph tissue on both sides at the back of the throat. Adenoids,

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Tuesday | 13 August | 2019 Music can influence your driving ability

By Emsie Martin It certainly is great having a good sound system in your car. Music is one way of making the snail’s pace at which cars move in peak hour traffic or the long road more bearable. But did

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Tuesday | 06 August | 2019 Chronic pain isn’t all in your head, it’s in your brain

By Anja van den Berg We’ve all woken up with an uncomfortable neck spasm or needed some medical attention after spraining an ankle. But what would you do if the pain you’ve experienced for a certain period just never really

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Tuesday | 06 August | 2019 The Many Faces Of Work Addiction

By Anja van den Berg All workaholics work too much, but not all act alike. Each style of workaholism expresses a different set of emotional vulnerabilities. However, the result of any style of workaholism is the same: an unbalanced life

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Monday | 29 July | 2019 Is healthy eating a trigger for orthorexia?

by Essie Bester We all know what the terms anorexia and bulimia mean because so much has been written about these eating disorders. But do you know what orthorexia is? Orthorexia nervosa can be described as an unhealthy obsession with

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