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Monday | 21 September | 2020 Aroma therapy

By Melodie Veldhuizen What is aroma therapy? Aroma therapy (also known as essential-oil therapy/volatile-oil therapy) is a range of holistic, alternative or supplementary health treatments or therapies that use essential oils and other aromatic natural plant extracts to promote physical

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Wednesday | 16 September | 2020 A few colloquial Afrikaans idioms explained

By Marli Naidoo Afrikaans is lekker and a few idioms only make it more so. Some idioms are ancient but are still going strong while others have disappeared in the course of time. Fortunately new idioms are still created and

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Wednesday | 16 September | 2020 How to show that you care

By Melodie Veldhuizen “Caring is to be with others, cry with others, suffer with others, feel with others. Caring is empathy, mercy, compassion. It is to cling to the truth that every other person is my brother and sister; just

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Wednesday | 16 September | 2020 Signs that you are addicted to gambling

By Nico Strydom Often gambling addiction is not taken seriously enough, but it can have devastating consequences. “It seems there is a false conviction that gambling addiction does not really exist or isn’t serious enough to justify intervention. However, this

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Wednesday | 09 September | 2020 South Africans cannot afford to die

By Nico Strydom   South Africa is the fourth most expensive place in the world to die with funerals costing 13% of the average annual salary. According to research released by the insurance group Sunlife Limited the average cost of

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Wednesday | 09 September | 2020 Making sense of the future after losing a job you love

By Anja van den Berg Losing a job is deeply shocking. Yes, it is a loss of livelihood, but the emotional impact goes beyond financial stress. “Perhaps most significant is the impact of job loss on our identity or sense

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Wednesday | 02 September | 2020 Negotiate effectively and build good relationships

By Wilma Bedford Negotiations, whether with your colleagues, your family, your teenager or even a terrorist can harm relationships if you use the wrong techniques. Among the plethora of already existing and recommended negotiation techniques, Liverpool University has refined negotiation

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Wednesday | 02 September | 2020 Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter

By Dr Eugene Brink To be sure, very few recent protest movements have had the sociopolitical impact and enjoyed such prominence as Black Lives Matter (BLM). And yet, enormous ignorance about its aims and tactics obtains around the world. Admittedly,

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Wednesday | 02 September | 2020 Emotional eating

By Wilma Bedford The lockdown has forced us to look at ourselves and examine our lifestyle and philosophy. However, one aspect which we pay scant attention to or even avoid – especially with a food cupboard filled with hoarded Covid

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Wednesday | 26 August | 2020 Be happy every day

By Wilma Bedford Although there may be factors beyond your control that influence your happiness, there are techniques that you can apply daily to give your happiness barometer a boost.  Be grateful.  Gratitude blocks negative emotions that can destroy your

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