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Tuesday | 19 October | 2021 Covid-19 confirms that walls don’t make the church

By Dr Eugene Brink Although Covid-19 has presented churches and their congregations with unique challenges, they quickly learned to adapt and realised that the pandemic could not restrict the gospel and God’s blessings. Modern technology might possible have started playing

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Monday | 18 October | 2021 Women neglect their health during the pandemic

By Nico Strydom Recent opinion polls found that during the Covid-19 pandemic women have been neglecting their health by, among others, postponing doctor’s visits and not going for routine examinations. South African women are warned to not neglect their regular

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Monday | 11 October | 2021 Be a user of humour

By Wilma Bedford Humour is essential  for happiness and the skill to develop it and to find and nurture it in even the darkest of times protect us against despair. The value and benefits of humour are even mentioned and

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Monday | 11 October | 2021 Trace the cause of your headache

By Emsie Martin With all the tension and anxiety that people are exposed to in these times, headache is no stranger. Headache does not care about your profession or what your trade is. Neither does it ask what activities children

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Monday | 11 October | 2021 Surprising causes of backache

By Emsie Martin Since Covid has changed our lives, many more people work from home, which also means many more hours in front of a computer. More hours in front of a computer also means sitting uncomfortably and backache, but

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Monday | 11 October | 2021 Tips for downsizing after the death of a spouse or other life-changing circumstances

By Melodie Veldhuizen When your marriage partner dies, you are left with fluctuating emotions, memories, sadness and longing. Moreover, there are many things you have to decide alone, for example if you should move to another (smaller) residence. Your loved

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Monday | 11 October | 2021 Alcohol is poison to an unborn baby

By Emsie Martin Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) may not be something you think about or you think that only people from certain low-income population groups can get FASD, but just to give people a wake-up call International FASD Awareness

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Thursday | 07 October | 2021 What does success actually mean?

There is a myriad of different opinions and ways according to which one is supposed to look at success and provide an explanation of what success really is. The long and the short of this discussion is that you are

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Monday | 04 October | 2021 Touch starvation in times of social distancing

By Wilma Bedford In this time of coronavirus lockdown and the ensuing need for social distancing, we are all forced to limit or altogether forgo physical contact and more people than ever are struggling with touch starvation. This phenomenon describes

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Monday | 04 October | 2021 Pets can boost your wellbeing

By Melodie Veldhuizen Pets are a vital part of many households, but we don’t always realise to what extent their presence affects our physical and emotional wellbeing. The most popular pets are cats and dogs, because they interact with humans

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