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Tuesday | 13 April | 2021 Early signs that warn me I might be ill

By Dr Jerrie Bezuidenhout We can often anticipate the behaviour of people close to us in some situations, because we understand their behavioural patterns. However, psychiatric illnesses affect the physical working of the emotional networks in the brain and thus

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Monday | 12 April | 2021 The importance of lifelong reading and learning

By Wilma Bedford It can be said that the most important skill you can acquire from an early age, is to read. Everything you read gives you the opportunity to learn something new. You can expand your vocabulary, exercise your

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Tuesday | 06 April | 2021 Not all stress is bad, but how hard should you push yourself to perform?

By Anja van den Berg Work outputs are seldom set in stone, and most of us find ourselves in a fluid ebb and flow when it comes to professional pressure. Naturally, the higher the pressure, the more we are prone

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Monday | 29 March | 2021 Work with your hands and make the stress go away

By Wilma Bedford With the onset of the lockdown in March 2020 many people suddenly found themselves in a new daily pattern and even with too many hours to fill every day. An interesting phenomenon that made its appearance is

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Monday | 29 March | 2021 What makes you tick? How your body clock determines your most and least productive hours of the day

By Wilma Bedford Every individual runs on a 24-hour internal clock. We go to sleep, wake up and go through peaks of alertness and valleys of lethargy around the same time every day. The cycle is universal, but the times

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Tuesday | 23 March | 2021 This is how Solidarity Helping Hand’s Social Services department provides assistance

By Melodie Veldhuizen Helping Hand focuses on promoting the self-development of people in their communities as a whole through social-based services, and to alleviate, terminate and prevent cultural, socio-emotional and physical poverty. At the current time, more than ever before,

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Tuesday | 23 March | 2021 Tai chi for your old age

By Wilma Bedford You may be far from actual retirement and have already made sure that you invested wisely to provide in your financial needs, but have you invested in your body’s health, balance and stability? If not, consider tai

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Tuesday | 23 March | 2021 Is there a narcissist in your life?

By Wilma Bedford The term narcissism is derived from Greek mythology and refers to an attractive young man, Narcissus, who fell in love with the reflection of his own image in a pool of water. He gradually pined away and

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Monday | 15 March | 2021 Working from home may affect your mental health

By Nico Strydom For many people, working from home may seem like the ideal situation, but amid a worldwide pandemic, it can lead to mental health issues and a derailment of social skills. Surveys and research have shown that the

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Monday | 08 March | 2021 Take a walk? Don’t mind if I do!

By Anja van den Berg It’s an activity you can do every day. It requires little preparation, minimal effort, and no special equipment. You can do it with a partner or do it alone. It’s a hobby that contracts or

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